Thursday, March 4, 2010

well so far so good

Well folks I am so happy to report that Im not sick at this point and that have not even had the first sniffle from my hubby . Yeah !!! also still nothing heard on the big move and it is getting to the point of ridiculous and we are at this point running out of options for apts and housing . When we first started looking there were numerous apts for rent and now our options are narrowing and for anyone who has ever had to do house hunting or apt hunting this is not funny , running out of options is not funny at any point . I think the dm where my husband works is trying to make himself look good and make a big production number out of it so he looks really good to the company . I myself will reserve my opinion of what i think of him . Honestly this thing is just a matter of a phone call I mean really what is so damned hard about picking up a phone and making a call . I honestly think this man wants to make himself look good at our exspense and frankly I am one who firmly believes in telling ppl where to stuff something LOL !!! I would just love to tell this guy where I would plant my foot right at this point . It has gotten to the point that my husband and I are arguing over this every night . I have told my husband that if I have to make everyones life a living hell to get something done I will do so and he knows i will


  1. c, i'm glad you're feeling well, but it sucks that hubby has to go through work drama. sending you good vibes that things will get done soon!

    thanks for your comment today. it meant a lot.

    btw, i like your blog background.

  2. Glad you are well and praying for a quick move.

  3. soon soon I hope to answer lake lady